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Auction bidding Membership Rules:

  • You must have at least $1000 USD in your SSMOTORS Japan Membership Account always to bid.
  • On $3000 USD your purchase limit will be $10,000 USD.
  • After receiving auction deposit, the bidding access will be given on your registered ID on SSMOTORS Japan Auction Portal.
  • If you made a bid without deposit in your account your bid will not be proceed.
  • Auction deposit is refundable and adjustable in purchased vehicle(s) price.
  • After making bids you must co-ordinate and update your purchase manager from aka SSMOTORS Japan official representatives, or Managers or Official Agents so they can manage your bids and check all the cars for you and he/she will make excel sheet of all the bids and then he / she will send it to the bidding staff.
  • If you can check your cars by yourself then check them deeply with the help of auction report otherwise request and confirm everything in written from your assigned official purchase manager or agent from SSMOTORS Japan.
  • If the purchased car is not as the condition was reported by SSMOTORS Japan officials and if it was found mistake of our staff then compensation will be given with a repair or change of unit or a discount.
  • If a car you wanted to bid is missed or not sold or sold to other buyer then you can just get your refund back or you can keep bidding on other units available in auction inventory list.
  • Every day when you place your bid(s) in auctions then you can place bids on the next day auctions only like you are bidding on Monday then you should only bid on units which are available on the very next day Tuesday otherwise the bid will be canceled.
  • Bids according FOB, CNF and CIF price will not be accepted, all bids should be only PUSH/BID prices (if you want to understand all general expenses from all japan auction houses and cities to your destination port then please contact your assigned SSMOTORS JAPAN official representative staff so you can evaluate the bid price yourself that you should place keeping all expenses apart).
  • Once a car have been won from auction house then you can cancel the car within 1 hour with 100000 yen cancelation charges.
  • After having the vehicle won with successfully accepted bid on behalf of auction deposit vehicle will be shipped only on at least 50% upfront of CNF price.
  • Vehicles documents (BL, Export certificate, inspection certificate etc) will not be parceled until unless clearing all remaining dues from vehicle(s) price, company charges and all expenses from auction house to your destination port.

    If you have difficulty in understanding any of the above given guidelines or you want to negotiate about anything you can CONTACT US any time.